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Micromax Canvas 4 Up for Preorder

Micromax Canvas 4 Up for Preorder
The well ‘leaked’ Micromax Canvas 4 is up for pre-order already! Micromax Canvas 4, the Indian competitor to Samsung Galaxy S4 was revealed in a video by the maker on YouTube. Right after launch, the video created a buzz and an overload of excitement with leaks over the specifications and features doing rounds.

While Micromax recently put the Canvas 4 device up for pre-order, the features and specs are still tightly kept under wraps. How do we order a phone without knowing the features and specs you ask?

Well, a couple of features have been revealed by Micromax while others have been “hinted” at. The phone will come with a 13 MP camera. Samsung Galaxy S4 also comes with the same camera resolution and by revealing the camera resolution; Micromax gave away the fact of the phone being a direct competitor to Samsung’s current flagship.

Apart from knowing that Micromax Canvas 4 comes with a 13 MP camera with single LED flash, it is rumoured to come with an 8-core processor to match that of Samsung Galaxy S4. Also, as the leaked video showed the phone in black while images on the Micromax website show images of a white device, we can safely say that the phone will come in two colour variants: Black and White.

The phone is up for pre-order at Rs 5000.Micromax hinted that the price of the phone will be revealed on July 8, so we are guessing the phone will be launched on the same day. On unveiling the specifications, if users wish to back out and not purchase the phone, Micromax is offering a complete refund. The phone will begin shipping by 10th July as the website states. However, users get time till 15th July to cancel their pre-bookings.

There are a list of terms and conditions posted by Micromax on their website. While hopes are pinned on Micromax launching the device at a budget price of somewhere around the 20k mark, the idea of pre-ordering might be a wise move. Micromax soon realised after launching the Canvas HD that demand exceeded supply and that they had “under-priced” their phone. So while the phone soon went out of stock, prices were immediately cranked up by Rs 1000/- on re-launch.

This time, by announcing the phone much before the actual launch and also offering it up for pre-order, Micromax is bound to get a fair idea of the demand and price their product according. We only hope the expectations are not set too high and Micromax delivers this time around too!

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