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Intel's 4th Generation processors launched

Intel's 4th Generation processors launched
It was only an year and a half ago when Intel launched Ultra books in Indian markets with their then latest 3rd Generation Core processors based in Ivy Bridge micro architecture. On 27th of June 2013, Intel launched 4th Generation Core processors in India. These will be based on Haswell micro architecture, the successors of Ivy Bridge. While, CPUs based on Haswell architecture were announced worldwide on June 4, it rarely happens that the latest technology has come to India within a month's time. Even, the Ivy Bridge based CPU were launched 2-3 months after their launch in the US.

Although the advantages of Haswell over it's predecessors isn't significant in terms of computing performance, but it's definitely more power efficient and promises of delivering upto 50% increase in battery life. "Improvements have been made keeping in mind the user's needs and requirements of a power efficient, high performance device," said Debjani Ghosh (managing director sales and marketing group, Intel South Asia).

The company claimed that now production of slimmer and lighter laptops and tablets/devices would be made easier using these new processors. These laptops will certainly have more interactivity and responsiveness and much better graphics performance apart from the increased battery life. "Today's announcement accelerates a new category of 2-in-1 computing devices delivering the best of a notebook and a tablet in amazing new form factors.", said Leighton Phillips (product management and pricing director, Intel Asia Pacific).

Intel along with its partner companies like Acer, Dell, HP and Lenovo would start selling Ultra books (and may tablets too) powered by Haswell chips, in the Indian markets by the first week of July. As far as consumers who would like to assemble their own computers are concerned, for them Intel will sell Haswell processors in separate boxes. Other such top end chips already available in the market are Core i7 series (for about INR 20,000) and more used Core i5 series (for about INR 12,500).

So, if you are about to buy a laptop or get an assembled PC and would like to save power and enjoy a little faster computing at everyday tasks. Then it is advisable to wait for another month, buy a Haswell powered device and enjoy the benefits.

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