Jun 25, 2013

Amazon launches electronics store for India, to sell mobiles

Amazon launches electronics store for India, to sell mobiles
Within 20 days of the launch of Amazon's Indian portal , amazon.in, it has started selling electronic goods. Three new stores were launched on Tuesday (June 25) which will sell over 20,000 electronic products such as mobiles and their accessories, cameras and photography related equipment and portable media players.

Like its leading rivals, Flipkart and Saholic, Amazon.in will also offer all the top brands including Apple, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Micromax, Sony, Canon, Nikon, etc. Additional services such as cash on delivery, delivery tracking to the doorstep, and free pickup of purchases returned will also be provided.

Until now, Amazon.in sold mostly books, films and music.

Visitors to the site will find some of the mobiles and their accessories listed as 'fulfilled by Amazon'. These will be dispatched by the site itself. The rest are being sold of behalf of a retailer and will be dispatched too by the retailer. 'Fulfilled by Amazon' means the items was dispatched from Amazon's own fulfilment centre.

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