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Google Glass gets face recognition app

Google Glass gets face recognition app
A Californian software developer has released a new facial recognition software for Google's high-tech eyewear.

In a report by Fox news, Lambda Lambs Software has developed the new software which allows the wearer of Google Glass to instantly scan the face of an individual and get information about the person's name and other vital bits of data contained in the app against a computer database.

The founder of the company, Stephen Balaban said that the company has no plans to provide a global facial recognition database, as it would surely infringe people's privacy.

However, Balaban is eager to allow other software developers to write their own apps based on the technology while Balaban will be launching the company's own app with the consumer launch of Glass.

The report further added, Steve Lee, director of product management for Google Glass, said that the company has no plans to add facial recognition features till strong privacy protections are in place.

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