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“thaati munjalu” - Summer Special

“thaati munjalu” - Summer Special

Come summer, it is time for the people to taste the delicious and refreshing toddy palm fruits albeit “thati munjalu” (Ice-apple in British English). Several streets in Karimnagar are flooded with the arrival of fresh toddy palm fruits. The villagers mostly from Jagtial, Peddapalli, Sircilla and Karimnagar divisions are arriving with palm fruits to sell in the local market to make a fast buck. The villagers in bicycles were seen selling the palm fruits at Telangana chowk, Market area, Jagtial road, Mankammthota and other areas of the town.

At present, a dozen ‘munjalu' cost Rs. 40  to 50. The villagers say the prices would come down when the markets are flooded with huge arrivals with the toddy tappers harvesting their palm fruits from their trees during the mid-summer.

The “thaati munjalu” keeps a person cool and refreshes his body and also protects from sunstroke.

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