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BLU Unveils Tegra 3-Based Quattro Android Phones

Now this recent announcement easily makes it as BIG news, if we can consider one. The ‘big’ news that can lift our spirits, pardon the pun, of Android users is about the confirmation that ‘Wine for Android” software will soon break the barriers and allow us to run Windows apps on our Android devices.

This is a welcome development, particularly for Unix and Linux users. Participants to the FOSDEM 2013 in Brussels, Belgium were given a sneak peek of the Wine for Android. The development of the Android port is actually in its early stages and there was really nothing earthshaking about the demo, which was conducted by no less than Alexandre Julliard himself, Wine’s project leader.

For those who are not aware of it, Wine is a compatibility layer which was developed by the team of Julliard primarily to allow the running of Windows programs on Unix-like OS. This interoperability across different platforms gets even more interesting with the current efforts to develop an Android port for Wine. This is definitely something that open source fanatics will get excited about and would wait for the time that it finally hits the ground.

However, we may have to wait a bit longer as the Wine demo showed that it is still awfully slow. Obviously, there is a lot of work ahead for Julliard’s team and they may have to do some serious convincing so that CodeWeavers include the project in its main realm of priorities. Julliard leads the Wine Project at CodeWeavers. One of the critical components which would definitely add to the current stock of the Wine for Android project is the increase in the use by Android tabs of the Intel x86 processors, and this can translate to more business opportunities for CodeWeavers to port Wine for Android.

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