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4 simple tips for lightning fast internet

Are you fed up of slow and sluggish data downloading speed? Does it take ages to download your favourite song or a movie? If you are reading this, I am sure you are facing such a trouble and that is why you have arrived here to get a solution out. There exist numerous ways to pace up your download speed involving modifications in the reserved bandwidth of your system and use of a malware detection programme.

These alterations will catalyse your internet speed up and refine clutters beneath bandwidth resulting in a smooth and fast download approach.

Enlisted below are four tips that you should employ to achieve the needful.

1. Trash the malware away
Malware supervises your keystrokes to congregate data and convey it over the web. It can drastically reduce the speed of download by causing clutters in the bandwidth.

Eradicate any malware on your desktop or laptop with the help of an anti-malware programme.

There are many products in the market and one should have a good look at the reviews before buying them. Once you get hold of it, simply run the file and abide by the information that follows. Regularly scan your system for enhanced performance.

2. Configure the system
To witness a significant increase in your download speed, follow this useful configuration:

Click on the Start button and select Run

Write gpedit.msc in the box that pops up and press Enter

Look for Administrative Templates. Click to expand.

Click on the Network tab followed by another, on the 'QoS Packet Scheduler'

Find 'Limit Reservable Bandwidth'. Open up and change the 'Bandwidth Limit' to 0

3. Get a reliable anti-virus
Viruses are like a plague for your system. It drastically affects the speed of download and also the performance of your net connection. They occupy bandwidth consecutively to duplicate and get themselves attached to the outgoing data.

You can avert this by eradicating viruses using a suitable anti-virus programme for a smoother and streamlined downloading experience.

4. Call up the provider
Are you using an out-dated Internet service at the same cost of an upgraded one? There is a chance you might be using one, because of unawareness. Wake yourself up and give a call to your service provider. Inquire whether an upgraded service at the same cost is available for you and if it is, then go for it.

For those using dial-up Internet connection which otherwise has a horrible download speed, it is recommended to switch over to a cable connection or a DSL. If you already have an upgraded service, you can opt for a high speed Internet package. Though, they might cost you a little extra, but it is worth the money.

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