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10 top tips and tricks for your Nokia Lumia 920

10 top tips and tricks for your Nokia Lumia 920
1. Talk to text
You probably know that you hold the Windows button down to access the speech recognition function. However, if you have a Bluetooth headset, you can turn on message so they are played to you. The phone will read messages to you and you can reply, edit, send text messages using only your voice. It’s a safe way to text and drive.

2. App control
Hold the back button to zoom out and see your open apps. Pressing back again will return you to your last opened app, pushing back again will close the app, and tapping the the back button a few times will close all the apps.

3. Stay notified
Go to settings and then to lock screen. Tap app to show quick status – This is where you choose to be notified if you want to know how many missed phone calls, text messages, emails, etc. Get the battery saver app and you’ll be able to see what your current battery level is without unlocking the phone.

4. Take a screenshot.
Press the unlock button and the windows button at the same time to take a screenshot of your phone.

5. Unfreeze your phone
If your Nokia Lumia 920 ever freezes up and you turn it off and it won’t turn back on, don’t panic. Instead, hold down the volume button, the unlock button, and the button to take photos until the phone vibrates.

6. Better lockscreen
Go to settings and then to lock screen. If you tap background, you can auto change your lock screen with photos or Facebook or use apps. Some cool ones include Astronomy Lock Screen, NASA Image of the Day and Accuweather.

7. Keep organized
Go to settings and then to lock screen. Tap Notifications – Default for this is calendar so if you are business oriented it’s a great way to have your next meeting right there on the front screen.

8. Keep track of your data
You can pin your wireless, data, and Bluetooth connections to the start screen with ConnectivityShortcuts. This is tons easier than going into “settings” each time you want to toggle these connections.

9. Pin contacts to start screen
To pin contacts go to any contact and do a long press and hit pin to start screen. This has the added benefit of showing their updated Facebook status when it changes. In fact you can pin nearly anything to the start screen. Apps obviously but songs, artists, playlists, people, pictures, videos, etc as well.

10. Stay up to date with groups
Make groups for the people that you really want to see updates on, and then pin the groups. You can have a tile for family, close friend and work colleagues, in fact any grouping you can imagine. Then all the updates from those groups appear on their respective live tiles.

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