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5 things you should know about Kindle Fire HD

5 things you should know about Kindle Fire HD
Kindle Fire HD has attracted huge attention from the world since its advent in September. Many people, especially young folks, are thinking of buying Kindle Fire HD for themselves or relatives at the moment (for Christmas). Here are 5 things you should know about Kindle Fire HD before your payment.

1. It's neither a computer nor an eReader.
If you plan to use Kindle Fire HD as a portable computer, you will make a big mistake. Unlike conventional desktop or laptop, Kindle Fire HD is exclusively a slight android device for entertainments and daily errands, which isn't inherently designed for professional applications such as PS and Visual Studio. You can't even install these software on it as there is no according android version available.

Another fact is that many people tend to connect Kindle Fire to the black-and-white Kindle eReader, which is wrong, apparently. Kindle Fire HD can be used for reading eBooks while its color screen is not so good for people's eyes as e-Ink. Another well-known difference is that we can install heaps of android APK programs on Kindle Fire HD but can't do this on Linux-based Kindle.

2. Forked Android OS keeps you from open android market.
The shining point of Android OS primarily comes to its open platform. Compared to android peers, such as Nexus 7, kindle Fire HD is actually based on forked android OS, which directly keeps people from Google Play. That means a cloud of android apps existing in android market is none of your business. Amazon Kindle Fire customers have to turn to its amazon store and mostly pay for the available apps. As a result, a large portion of Kindle Fire users eventually choose to root their device after initial excitement.

3. Region restriction
Amazon Kindle is famous for the abundant resources and complete ecosystem whereas it mainly targets the Americans and those outside of US are not allowed to download free eBooks or apps from Amazon. Consequently, non-US people who have held Kindle Fire HD in their hands may be immensely embarrassed. They have no access to free android market while amazon store says no to them.

4. No rear camera
People are always trying to get an all-in-one gadget at the most reasonable price. Kindle Fire HD is definitely a budget, but it fails to satisfy those who are looking for a tablet with camera feature. Its 1.3-megapixel front camera isn't distinctive, just enough for video conversation. Ridiculously, most android smartphones have rear camera and Nexus 7 has a 1.4-megapixel front one.

5. Inferior specs
Many people find that it's a bit slow to browse the Web on Kindle Fire HD, even on the 8.9-inch model. That partly results from its inferior specs. Among popular android titles, Nexus 7 earns the highest score with a 1.3GHz QUAD-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip and QUAD-CORE ULP GeForce graphics. While Kindle Fire HD comes with a 1.2GHz DUAL-CORE TI OMAP processor and DUAL-CORE PowerVR SGX540 graphics. Nook HD even shows better performance than Amazon Kindle from the perspective of specs.

Apart from several facts mentioned here, Amazon Kindle Fire HD still has its merits. If you are living in the US, satisfied with Amazon’s perfect services along with its remarkable free titles, Kindle Fire HD will be a nice option for you.

Guest Post by AdaWang: Ada Wang works for Epubor, which delivers eBook-related services & solutions to customers. She also writes articles concerning eBooks, eReaders and mainstream electronic gadgets for eBookConverter.

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