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8 new features of Windows 8

Microsoft officially released Windows 8 on 26th, October, which brought breath air to the whole OS market. Here let’s take a look at the new features Windows 8.

8 new features of Windows 81. Metro UI: 
Metro UI, a far cry from traditional Windows style, is never a strange thing for WP users. Nevertheless, for people who exclusively use old Windows or Linux/Android OS, this system will bring along a completely fashionable experience to them. All applications are shown on the screen in a “Metro” way, which is so elegant and intimated, and can be reorganized by people as they like.

8 new features of Windows 82. A combination of PC and tablet: 
Windows 8 is a blending system of personal computers and tablets. Under this platform, we will be able to use our PC and mobile device in a parallel way, which is such a marvelous innovation in the information era.

8 new features of Windows 83. Touch Interface: Windows 8 empowers us to navigate all applications on the home screen by given touch commands. It seems to simulate the design of popular tablets such as iPad, but this can actually be achieved on normal LCD screen rather than real larger-size touch screen.

8 new features of Windows 84. Windows store: Similar to Android Market alongside apple’s app store, Windows store has been integrated into Windows 8, which delivers remarkable Metro applications in the meantime. Traditional Windows software will also be available soon, which partly contributes to this system’s integration of PC and mobile devices.

8 new features of Windows 85. SkyDrive: SkyDrive itself is not a new application while it has been added to Windows 8 this time. Under SkyDrive’s 2 GB storage, People have access to their files via the Cloud.

8 new features of Windows 8
6. Charms Bar instead of Start Orb: On Windows 8, the long-term Start Orb has eventually been updated by Charms Bar, which offers functions including Search, Share, Start, Devices and SettingsThese 5 buttons can be found wherever you are, as what the original Start menu did.

8 new features of Windows 87. File History: Windows 8’s built-in File History function offers a new way to backup and restore our files (documents, photos, music, etc.) All the backups will be transferred to another drive to ensure the availability of them. Note that File History function isn’t actually turned on by default.

How to turn on File History manually:
1 From Metro desktop: Start Screen/type “backup”/Settings/the first item/File History applet/Select Drive/hard drive (OK)/Turn on.
2 From traditional desktop:  Control Panel/File History

8 new features of Windows 88. Built-in PDF reader: Windows 8 comes with a built-in PDF reader. As a result, users do not have to install additional PDF viewers or any add-ons to deal with their PDF files. Routine operations like searching, text-selecting, bookmark, integrated SkyDrive and the like have been covered.

Useful Hotkeys for Windows 8:

  • Windows + D: Go back to traditional Windows desktop.
  • Windows + B: Convert to the old-style application (from the Metro style).
  • Windows + M: Load traditional interface from the start screen.

Guest Post by AdaWang: Ada Wang works for Epubor, which delivers eBook-related services & solutions to customers. She also writes articles concerning eBooks, eReaders and mainstream electronic gadgets for eBookConverter

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