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Are your private emails, text messages conversations secure?

Are your private emails, text messages conversations secure?
People need to be more careful with what they say and write, as every private text message or work email a person sends can be easily accessible, a report has revealed.

According to the Australian Federal Police everything you type in a text or an email can be accessed by authorities if your Telco or ISP has kept the records.

The AFP requires the approval of a judge or a telecommunications warrant to access the records, reports.

According to the report, the bad news for anyone who likes to think their messages with friends are private is that some providers keep records from the time you first start an account.

The report quoted cyber law expert George Cho, from the University of Canberra, as saying that while it takes special circumstances to obtain your information, let alone publicise them, most providers will keep records for at least two years.

"The bottom line is this: the main consideration is that privacy of the people involved is maintained because there are national privacy laws that will protect people from intrusion into their privacy," Professor Cho said.

"(But) it's a policy matter for each ISP (or Telco). Some have (records for) two years, five years, it's an individual decision for each provider. In terms of Google, Yahoo and so forth - I think they keep it for a very long time," he added.

According to the paper, this clearly means that every text, private or work email, Facebook thread and tweets may be accessible if authorities can prove they need them.

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