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Wargal Saraswati Devi Temple

Wargal Saraswati Devi Temple
Wargal is a small place located at a distance of approximately 50km from Hyderabad on the Karimnagar highway; also called as Rajiv Rahadari. Main attraction in this sleepy village is the beautiful SARASWATHI TEMPLE, located on a hill top.

Nearby there is also a small temple with a small idol in a BILAM, which needs renovation.
Though there are buses to the village, it would be a pleasant experience driving through the lush green fields on either side of the road.

After passing MULUG, there is an arch on the left side of the road, which leads to the temple.
Temple is open for ABHISHEKA DARSANAM from 6.30am to 7.30am. and again for SARVALANKRITHA DARSHANAM from 8.30am till afternoon and again in the evening.

The Deity of Education in Hinduism is Goddess Saraswati. There are a few Temples Devoted to this Goddess in the state of ANDHRA PRADESH ( India ), one of them being the Saraswati Temple in Wargal second only to the more prominent one being the Basara Saraswati Mata Temple .

Wargal Saraswati Devi TempleHow to Reach: The Wargal Temple is Approximately 60 Kilometers from the Secunderabad Jubilee Bus Station ( JBS ) on the KARIMNAGAR - SIDDIPET Highway. This Temple is well connected by road. The route to this temple is lush with greenery of agricultural fields on either side of the road. En route the temple from Secunderabad, on the left hand side is a pillar embossed with the name and beautiful idol of the Goddess.

About Temple: The temple is situated on a small hill on which are about a 100 steps. There is an elevator available for use by the aged and disabled. There is an idol about 10 feet high in front of the temple, which is a magnificent piece of art. The temple is well architected and constructed.

The deity is invoked through the Pancharatra method of poojas. Everyday the abhishekam is performed at 6:00 AM in the morning and lasts for about an hour after which darshan (viewing) is closed for about an hour for alankara (decoration) of the Goddess.( Temple is open for ABHISHEKA DARSANAM from 6.30am to 7.30am. and again for SARVALANKRITHA DARSHANAM from 8.30am till afternoon and again in the evening . ). The doors of the sanctum-sanctorium are then opened for darshan amidst the chanting of Vedas and dhupam.

The Goddess is seen to be in full glory decorated with a lot of jewels and garlands and adorned in a saree. This viewing is followed by the distribution of prasadam (the holy offering).

There is a Temple of Lord Vigneshwara (alias Ganesha - the elephant God) beside the Saraswati temple. The temple walls are engraved with Ganesha in various postures.

There is also a temple dedicated to Lord Saniswara. The Abhishekam here is done with Til Oil only and no prasadam will be distributed to the devotees. It is believed that the prasadam of Lord Sani should not be taken.

A point to note here is that the temple is situated in a small village with limited facilities. The temple board has constructed a small shelter for pilgrims with around 20 rooms and there are some shops that trade in merchandise related to the Goddess.

Wargal Saraswati Devi Temple
Surrounding: A VEDA PATHASALA is also set up there, where one may find several pupils studying the Vedas. It is a good experience to see so many small children learning the Vedas, and chanting them with great clarity.

Painted on the hill is a picture of Goddess Saraswati. The temple is well maintained and well organized.

The approach roads which lead to the Temple from KARIMNAGAR - SIDDIPET Highway (which passes from the Wargal Village ) are not in great shape.

Another ancient place of worship nearby (around 15Kilometres from Wargal Temple ) is the Nachagirigutta Temple , where Lord Narasimha and Lord Hanuman are worshipped.

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