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IT firm Wipro join hands with Google to offer cloud computing solutions

IT firm Wipro join hands with Google to offer cloud computing solutions
Technology services firm Wipro has partnered with internet search engine provider Google to offer cloud computing solutions that leverage the vastcomputing infrastructure that the search major has built over the past several years.

Wipro will build technology services solutions such as developing applications using Google App Engine, cloud-based storage solutions that use Google's vast data centers and data analytics that require significant computing power using both Google's compute engine and its extensive server farms across the globe.

Anurag Srivastava, Wipro's chief technology officer at Wipro Global IT Business, said, that the capabilities and tools offered by Google's Cloud Platform will help Wipro offer customised solutions that meet client's business requirements.

Wipro is the second India-based company that Google has partnered with, the other being Orancescape Technologies, which unlike Wipro, is a technology partner.

"In the last decade, we've invested in building an infrastructure that can serve 4 billion hours of video every month, support 425 million Gmail users and store 100 petabytes of web index, and it's growing every day.

We've taken this technology and extended it via Google Cloud Platform so that you can benefit from the same infrastructure that powers Google's applications," Eric Morse, who heads sales and business development at Google's Cloud Platform wrote in Google blog earlier last month, while introducing the Google Cloud Platform Partner programme.

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