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Facebook‘s hackthon comes to India

Facebook‘s hackthon comes to India
Facebook has announced the itinerary for the 2012 Developer World HACK, which includes a stop at Bangalore. The event is a two-month-long hackathon for software developers and will be held in 12 cities across the globe.

On the official blog of the world's biggest social networking site, the company's head of developer relations James Pearce posted, "Build an amazing Facebook app at the HACK and you could win yourself a trip to San Francisco."

The event involves an eight-hour-long competition where the developers will demonstrate their skills, with help from Facebook engineers. Topics of discussion at the event 2012 Developer World HACK include Open Graph, iOS, Android, mobile web and social games.

Developers can choose work upon their existing apps or even some new ideas. At the end of the day, team demos and awards for the best apps will be distributed and the best team from each continent will visit Facebook's office in San Francisco.

The day-long events of the 2012 Developer World HACK will be held in the following cities:

Austin, USA - August 23;
Mexico City, Mexico - August 27;
Buenos Aires, Argentina - August 29;
Sao Paulo, Brazil - August 31;
Berlin, Germany - September 11;
Taipei, Taiwan - September 11;
Jakarta, Indonesia - September 13;
Bangalore, India - September 17;
Barcelona, Spain - September 18;
Vancouver, Canada - September 20;
Warsaw, Poland — September 28;
Moscow, Russia - October 1

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