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Earn more with your mobile apps

Earn more with your mobile apps
“Earn more with your mobile apps” by publishing them to Nokia App Store

"Sell your apps to millions of Nokia Consumers today via Direct Operator Billing in India"

Nokia has recognized and appreciated the developer’s efforts in creating innovative apps for Nokia App Store, and hence is now willing to offer them maximum value in return. Nokia has now entered into partnerships with Bharti Airtel (Airtel), Vodafone India (Vodafone) and Reliance Mobile, the top GSM mobile operators in India, to offer integrated billing solutions. Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance consumers can now download their favorite paid content on Nokia’s immensely popular mobile application store and have the amount deducted from the pre-paid balance or pay it as part of their monthly post paid mobile phone bill.

The partnership will not only open up new opportunities for developers in the world of paid apps, but will also help accelerate monetization by creating and distributing local apps and content. Increased usage of premium apps and games would increase developers' earning and profitability.
What this means to the App developers?
Their content will make you more money: Nokia will give you 70 % of End user Price (net of taxes)
Consumers will now be able to pay for their apps with one click, if they have an Airtel, Vodafone or Reliance Connection. No Credit Card Necessary
New Price Points for the apps starting as low as Rs. 5
Did you know?
Nokia App Store attracts 15 million downloads everyday
Nokia App Store is available in over 190 countries and 154 Nokia Devices worldwide with more being added every day
120 million registered users who pick from over120000 apps
Till date, Nokia App Store has driven more than 5 billion cumulative downloads (Series 40 devices accounted for 13% of the first billion, and 42% of the last billion)
80% of Nokia App Store traffic converts to a download
411 developers have achieved more than 1M downloads through Nokia App Store, while 63 have achieved 10M or more, 28 with 25M or more and 9 with 50M or more
3 developers have now passed the 100M downloads milestone and one of them is from India!
Aren’t these facts exciting enough for you to get on and develop some cool Apps for Nokia App Store?
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