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7 Useful Tips to Secure Your PC From Attacks

If you bought a new windows PC for your home and don’t know how secure it or protect from viruses, spyware and other attacks. Today in this article we share some tips and methods which helps you to secure your Windows PC easily. Because your PC has so many personal files and data that you use regularly for personal banking and other things and you don’t want to loose them or hack them.

So try these simple and easy steps to secure your personal computer.
  1. Install Antivirus software
    First thing you have to do is install the powerful antivirus on your PC and set it for automatic update so you can get the full protection for viruses and spywares. There are plenty of Antiviruses are available in the market some are paid and some are free.

  2. Update Your Operating System
    Keep update your PC Operating system always, all these updates are free and useful. All these update will help you to protect your PC from vulnerabilities. With this you can helps you PC to find their latest patches or any other updates. TO tun the Update on your windows PC click Start -> type ‘Windows Update’. Now click Updates Windows to check the new update for your PC.

  3. Use Online Virus Scanners
    If you received some files from mail and not sure about the file that you received. Double check the file with your Antivirus scan and Online scanners. Lots are online scanners are available which allows you to scan you files and PC online, so you can check them that those files are safe to open or not.

  4. Use Firewall Settings.
    Firewall is one of the best option to filters and monitors the data sent to and received from the internet. This gives an added layer of security to your PC. Windows PC has in built Firewall, so always activate ti to get more protection from threats. To activate it go to Control Panel -> System -> Security -> Check Firewall Status. The firewall status should be “ON”.

  5. Set Strong Passwords
    Always use strong passwords to protect your PC, and also use different passwords for your all users accounts. To set the password for your Windows PC got to Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> change your Windows Password. Always use strong passwords so no one can crack and can’t attack your system.

  6. Always Scan Your USB Drives
    USB Drives are common these days and most of us are using it to transfer files from one PC to another PC and this one is the major cause of attack of viruses in your PC. Yes they are one of the biggest reason for viruses. So always scan your USB drive with USB scanners

  7. Backup Your Data
    Always take the full backup your PC or your important files in case you computer is damages or compromised. There are lots of cloud services are available which allows you store you files on the cloud. Drop box is one of them and one of the powerful service these days, Signup you Dropbox

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  1. Thanks for sharing useful tips. However, manual virus removal procedure is beyond the expertise of most users as it includes tweaking Windows registry, a critical component of the Windows operating system. Any wrong modifications to the Windows registry can lead to permanent or partial system crash. Those who do not have expertise like me in handling computers can always rely on online virus removal services as they are hassle-free and convenient.