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UbiSurfer 9

UbiSurfer9’s strongest asset is it's connectivity. Apart from the standard Wi-Fi connection, Datawind has teamed up with Vodafone to offer an embedded SIM and modem. This allows access to the Internet anywhere a mobile phone signal is available, at home and abroad. Users are not limited to Wi-Fi hotspots and there is no need to buy a costly USB broadband dongle to ensure connection. Due to Datawind’s patented acceleration technology the UbiSurfer9 delivers web pages faster than other portable netbooks on a mobile network, at five to seven seconds per page.

UbiSurfer9 stands out from the competition with a free-usage model eliminating the complexity of purchasing mobile web devices and lengthy contractual payments, activation fees and credit checks. With the UbiSurfer9 you pay for the device not the usage. For the average user, there are no monthly fees, airtime tariffs, contracts or recurring fees – those are paid for by Datawind. Users get 30 hours of free surfing a month for 12 months and 5p per minute roaming in Europe. Upgrading to an unlimited usage package is available, and only an additional £5.99 a month.

Weighing just 700g and boasting a sleek silver finish, the UbiSurfer9 has a compact, portable design meaning users can be connected anywhere, at anytime. Decked out with a nine inch TFT wide screen display that has an 800 by 480 pixel resolution, a full QWERTY keyboard and powered by an Arm processor, the UbiSurfer9 will fulfil most computing needs.

The UbiSurfer9 is designed to provide enhanced functionality and convenience. The netbook offers 1GB SSD (solid state disk) shock proof storage plus 50GB of online storage. This can be expanded with a USB or SD Flash Memory device. Other features include an SD/SDHC card reader meaning users can easily upload images, a built in dual speaker system and a stereo sound earphone jack. The battery offers up to four hours run time.

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  • The UbiSurfer 9 delivers the real web, fast and FREE!
  • No Wires
  • The UbiSurfer has its own built-in GPRS antenna and SIM card which means it can connect itself straight to the mobile network to get you online immediately. Just take it out of the box and you’re ready to go!
  • The World’s Fastest Mobile Internet Netbook
  • The UbiSurfer 9 downloads web pages faster than any other mobile netbook connected on any 3G network and with full graphics and Java TM support.
  • The Mobile Internet for FREE
  • The UbiSurfer doesn't need a user to take out a contract, a user can use it straight from the box, and there is no monthly fee or activation charge.

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