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Hackers can break into digital wallets

Hackers can break into digital wallets
Hackers at a notorious Def Congathering that ended on Sunday have come up with ways to reach into digital wallets.

Smartphones at the heart of modern lifestyles are becoming top targets for cyber attacks, according to security specialists and hackers who flocked to Las Vegas this week for back-to-back Def Con and Black Hat conferences.

"We are entering a post-PC exploitation world," said researcher Stephen Ridley of Xipiter, where his team uncovered that the same types of attacks that plague desktop computers can be turned on mobile gadgets.

Using smartphones as wallets will be common within a decade, largely replacing cash and credit cards, said a Pew Research survey in April. Sixty-five per cent of 'technology stakeholders and critics' who responded to an opt-in poll agreed that handheld gadgets would be a mainstream way to pay by 2020.

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