Jul 3, 2012

Angry Birds successor Amazing Alex unveiled

Rovio, the developer behind the popular game Angry Birds, has released a teaser of its upcoming game. Called Amazing Alex, the new game will feature 100 levels and will again be based on physics, though the mechanics are said to be quite different from those of Angry Birds.

The protagonist of the game, Alex, is a 'whiz kid' and users will have to create chain reactions using a set of objects to complete tasks that he assigns. Each task may have more than one solution.

Users will even have the option to create new levels using 35 interactive objects. Rovio believes that players will be able to challenge others by generating new levels on their own. Users can share the levels they create, along with their solutions, with other players. The upcoming game will be played across four locations and receive free updates from Rovio regularly.

Amazing Alex is expected to arrive in Apple App Store and Google Play Store in July 2012. However, the developer has not disclosed any dates or prices as of now.

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