Salient features of Galaxy S3

  • Uses pen title arrangement for display
  • Improved mic with noise cancellation
  • The sensor at the back side takes good quality photos specially at night time
  • Now with eye tracking technology your screen no more light off while viewing web pages
  • The front camera now can take HD videos
  • Louder speakers than s2
  • With NFC support you can transfer files at the rate of 300 Mbps
  • The processor is Exynos 4212 Quad core which is the fastest smart phone processor till the launch of s3 and it consumes less power
  • S3 is equipped with RGB sensor
  • The back of s3 is slimline and difficult to break
  • The quality of audio is improved
  • You can charge s3 wirelessly
  • 50 Gb dropbox space account is given to all the s3 users for extra space for their smart phone
  • You can now watch your s3 screen on your TV or monitor without using wire connectivity
  • Using social network has become more easy in s3
  • There is improvement in voice commands while driving your car
  • Now you can play video and browse application at the same time
  • You can now record videos and take pictures at the same time
  • Flash player support during browsing websites
  • Smart stay feature that continuously using front camera to see if there is any user in front of camera and turn light off when there is no user
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