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Hot Android To-Do List App, Any.DO, Comes To iOS And Web

Any.DO, the gorgeous to-do app for Android, has finally made its way to the iPhone and the web today. Developed by the team behind Taskos, one of the most popular to-do list applications on the Android Market, Any.DO launched last November backed by $1 million in angel funding, making a few iPhone users (ahem *clears throat*) jealous of something on Android for a change.

Besides the basics of t0-do list management, the app supports gestures, auto-predictive text, and voice-to-text recognition, all of which are packaged in easy-to-use and attractive interface.

Of course, the iPhone is a more competitive landscape than Android when it comes to these things. And being both pretty and useful are (more often) par for the course on iOS, not features to make one take note. (Look, I rocked a Nexus S for a year and a half, but my favorite Android apps let me hack away at the phone – they weren’t necessarily what I’d call elegant. Your mileage may vary.)

Plus, in the time since Any.DO’s original debut, the iPhone has seen new, buzzy-worthy to-do list makers appear, like the heavily-anticipated app Clear, which changed the traditional paradigm by ditching menus in favor of an all-gesture UI.

But unlike Clear, which goes for simplicity, Any.DO focuses on integrations with other services, like Facebook and Twitter, for example.

However, this is a team that knows how to build a product. The company’s Taskos app, launched for “research purposes” only, had topped a million downloads by the time of Any.DO’s arrival. And Any.DO grabbed half a million downloads in just 30 days on Android. It’s now used by “millions,” the company says.

For a seemingly simple to-do app, Any.DO has a ton of investors, including Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, Blumberg Capital, Genesis Partners, Palantir’s Joe Lonsdale, Felicis Ventures (Aydin Senkut) and Brian Koo, as well as advisors Erick Tseng, head of mobile products at Facebook, and Elad Gil, VP of Corporate Strategy at Twitter. So perhaps you might guess that Any.DO’s bigger vision goes beyond the mere to-do item. The company is working towards a more intelligent system for helping people actually get things done, but details on what that really means are still sparse.

Also new today is Any.DO for Chrome, a plugin for managing to-do’s from the browser. Note that when you go to install Any.DO for iPhone, there’s another app by that name already there. Make sure you grab the right one: Any.DO is here.

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