May 27, 2012

Facebook Introduces Camera App For The iPhone

Facebook has launched a photo-sharing app called Facebook Camera, with an aim of making it easier and faster for people to share their photos while on the move. The app lets you take pictures, upload them to your profile, and also view what your friends share, through a feed that consists of only photos. Incidentally, it also lets you crop pictures and add filters in a way similar to Instagram, the company that FB had recently purchased for $1 billion. Considering the growth potential that this simple-to-use app seems to have, we are now beginning to understand why such a huge amount was paid to abruptly purchase a startup with the popular photo app that was hardly a couple of years old.

The app lets you view a stream of photos that you can swipe across, or tap to enlarge an individual photo. In addition to applying filters, you can also add captions. The similarities with Instagram can be easily seen, although we think that this app will expose those features to a wider audience than the original app could have been able to, thanks to the 900 million FB user-base, as compared to the 40 million of Instagram. While the app is currently available on the US version of the App Store, it shouldn't take long for it to become available for other countries as well.

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