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Samsung Galaxy S3: wireless charging a possibility

Reports from Korea suggest the Samsung Galaxy S3 may come with wireless charging capabilities allowing you to say goodbye to that fiddly night-time plug in ritual.

According to an anonymous source, Korean publication DDaily says it has been told that the hotly-anticipated Galaxy S3 will allow users to do away with wires as it will arrive with a built in inductive charger.

The source goes on to say that the Galaxy S3 will be able to charge from a distance of 1-2 meters from the charger base.

Look mum, no wires!
Wireless charging is nothing new, with a variety of cases and charging mats currently available on the market to suit a range of handsets and built in wireless charging technology has had its outing in the form of the Palm Pre among others.

The hope is if Samsung manages to squeeze this technology in a handset, which is already rumoured to boast a quad-core processor, 4G connectivity, HD screen, NFC and a decent camera, it will have refined the process making it more efficient and cost effective.

Being able to charge your phone by just placing it down somewhere near a plug is certainly appealing, but if the base station is not included in the box (which we reckon is more than likely) we still expect a substantial cost to be involved to pick one up.

We're taking this latest report with two large fistfuls of salt, as it would seem unlikely Samsung will be able to keep the weight and depth of the Galaxy S3 down to a reasonable level with all the touted tech it's expected to pack into it.

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