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Seven alternatives of iPhone 4S: A head on comparison

The iPhone 4S is finally available in India, but the steep price is ruffling quite a few feathers. You don't have to spend a bomb to get similar features :

Nokia Lumia 800
Nokia's latest and greatest, the Lumia 800 is their current flagship powered by Windows Phone 7.5. The 800 has a 3.7-inch amoled screen, tough polycarbonate construction, 1.4Ghz processor, 16GB storage and high-quality 8MP camera. It is also the only device in this bunch to include worldwide, turn-by-turn GPS navigation and unlimited free music downloads from the Nokia music store.

Apple iPhone 4
The iPhone 4 still competes with the 4S. Not only does it look identical, it's cheaper, available in black or white, offers the same 'retina' display and has a good camera too. The biggest feature of the 4S is Siri - but after testing it out, we feel that it's a feature that most people will get quickly bored with. iPhone 4 users should upgrade only for the faster performance and better camera.

Samsung Omnia W
This is the cheapest phone in this lot, but it sure does't look it. A brushed aluminium back plate, svelte design, bright and vivid 3.7-inch super amoled display and excellent performance make the Omnia W great value. Thanks to the 1.4Ghz processor, Windows Phone 7.5 runs along smoothly and you get built in GPS, Wi-Fi with hotspot, a decent 5MP camera and voice control too.

Samsung Galaxy S II
It's hard to find fault with the Galaxy S II - it does everything well. It has one of the most dazzling screens to ever grace a smartphone, the camera quality is superlative, performance is excellent and the device itself is sleek and unbelievably lightweight. Probably the only downside is the extensive use of plastic - a little brushed metal would have worked wonders (but would have made the device heavier).

LG Optimus 2X
The dual core Optimus 2X is now available at an affordable `19,999 - a huge price drop from the initial `30,000 plus. It may not have a jaw-dropping super amoled display, but it makes up for that with solid performance, a very bright, highquality IPS LCD screen, great camera and good battery life.

Motorola RAZR XT910
Motorola has revived the Razr name with the XT910, and not without good reason. Like the clamshell Razr, the new Razr is one of the thinnest handsets of its time. It uses premium materials like Kevlar fiber and stainless steel - plus it offers excellent performance, an 8MP camera that also takes full HD video and a brilliant super amoled advanced screen.

HTC Sensation XE
The only device here with a 1.5Ghz dual core processor, the Sensation XE is an update to the existing Sensation - apart from the smart new colour highlights, the device basically looks the same and has the same 4.3-inch S-LCD touchscreen. The main upgrade apart from the processor is the Beats Audio technology and the bundled high-quality Beats earphones.

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