Nov 17, 2011

Apple iPhone 4 for Just Rs 22,500

With only a couple of weeks until the iPhone 4S launch in India, claims to have gotten confirmed information about Apple starting to sell refurbished 16GB iPhone 4 units in India, for an amazing price Rs 22,500.

The refurbished units are factory unlocked, and you will be able to use them on any carrier of your choice (on GSM networks). And as some of you might confuse refurbished devices as second hand or unreliable pieces, be releived to know that it is not so.

Refurbished phones are the handsets sent back to Apple factories for repair work, with parts cleaned, or replaced as necessary, repacked, and sent back to the stores for sale. This whole process is completely official and legitimate, and the refurbished unit you get is just as good as a new one, except for the 'refurbished' tag.

Afterall, you are getting a brand new iPhone 4 for exactly INR 10,000 below the price for a new one. Also, these refurbished units come with the standard service you get with the non-refurbished iPhone, a 1 year warranty.

So, for anyone in the market for an iPhone 4 with the usual bill and warranty, the refurbished units are the right choice for you.

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