Oct 13, 2011

Top 10 features of Windows Phone

Windows phone was long awaited in India since, Microsoft launched it in western countries. The device comes with the latest OS developed by the American giant, which is Windows Phone 7.

The new smartphone from Microsoft is highly efficient and there are speculations in the market that Windows Phone 7 will be the new charm among smartphone users.

Lets take a look at the few best features of the latest Windows phone

People Hub: The feature allow the users to check all the updates from their social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Moreover, you can also select which accounts you wish to see in the contact list.

Multi-tasking: The Microsoft smartphone allows multi-tasking to its users, as you can do multiple works  on the device simultaneously. In-fact, enjoy music and swiftly switch between the apps anytime conveniently.

Start Screen plus Live Tiles: There are Live Tiles provided on the start screen that keeps you updated and informed about upcoming updates on social networks,  all the happenings with your apps, and a lot more than that.

Ringtones Customization: The new Windows Phone 7 enabled device allows you to create as well as download your own tunes as per your preference. Most of the music lovers would definitely find this attribute interesting.

Music and Videos Hub: The latest Windows Phone is a complete entertainer and so, let you synchronize music and stream or even download tunes of your choice wirelessly, from the market place.

Group Chats: Now if you own a Microsoft's smartphone then you can easily organize friends, pin them on the start screen of your device. It will then let you to send them email, sms and IM conveniently, that too in one go.

Internet Explorer Mobile: The first ever device that comes preloaded with Internet Explorer for Mobile and also has hardware acceleration, according to it. With this you can experience faster and more convenient browsing experience just like on a PC.

Pictures Hub: The device allows you to click clear images even when the handset is locked. In addition, it also allows you to share your share with your friends instantly from there only through, tweet, text or email, whichever you prefer.

Voice Text: The mobile phone comes with an excellent and useful feature that provides you with responding to the text messages, using your voice.

Key to Bing: Now you can get all the knowledge about all the happenings near you, just on a single touch to Bing. Know everything from the nearest hotel, restaurants, which multiplex is playing which movie, find the way to any place and many more.

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