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Is This the New Gmail?

If this leaked video from Google is real, Gmail is about to get a major HTML5 makeover loaded with new ways to customize your inbox.

The Google introductory video, since removed from YouTube, was reportedly leaked online and picked up by a Spanish blog before making its way to Engadget. It features Jason Cornwell, a user experience designer for Gmail. Scroll down to watch.

Perhaps the biggest new feature is that your interface will automatically resize to any size window. You can also change pixel display density (choices: cozy, comfortable, or compact?), change the size of your G-chat window and other widgets, even customize your search filters.

Email threads will also look more like IM or Google+ conversations, and will display the sender's profile picture next to each update.

Google has also added several high-res themes like the one pictured at left. Pretty.

In July, Google gave us a sneak peek of the upcoming Gmail redesign, though it looked much drabber than what the video below shows. For instance, Google touted the ability to choose between two "information density" themes, which would let you preview more or less information in the interface.

The changes would be rolled out gradually over the next few months "to allow plenty of time to understand and incorporate your feedback into the evolving design," Cornwell said at the time.

A week later Google added the ability to choose between five styles of how Gmail presents a user's messages. Options range from a classic view to "important first".

The Gmail revamp is part of a Google pledge, made shortly after the launch of Google+, to update all its online products. has already undergone subtle changes, like a smaller logo and that black bar across the top of the screen housing different tabs.

Google hasn't commented or confirmed the video leak. But with 260 million users as of this month, there are plenty who'll be affected.

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