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HP launches rugged green computers

Computer maker Hewlett-Packard Tuesday launched a range of rugged notebooks for corporates, in the price range of Rs 20,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh.

"We have build our product on some of the trend that we have sensed are what is occupying thoughts of CTOs (chief technology officers) in the country. Some of these are around mobility, collaboration, cloud, security, green technology," Vinay Awasthi, senior product manager, Hewlett Packard India Sales said.

It launched computer notebooks in three categories; business, ProBook and EliteBook.

"These notebooks are built on military standards. We have tested their ruggedness," Awasthi said, adding, "We have used metal body, provided spill resistant keyboard, drive sanitiser and used 90 materials which can be recycled in all the products."

All the products launched by the company today can be tailored to the requirement of the user. Also, the company claims to be the first one to have launched products free from toxic materials like BFR and PVC.

"Earlier, the business conversation was limited to price and technology but now people in India have started talking about green (technology). We have incorporated this demand of people in our products," Awasthi said.

To show the robustness of notebook, he dropped the notebook from table height and stood on it.

"This has been tested in lab. Even after dropping it from a height of 60 centimetres, there will be no harm to the notebook and stored data," Awasthi said.

HP also unveiled 'Fast Charge' technology in notebook which the Awasthi said enables a notebook to be charged 90 percent within 90 minutes. He said the company's notebook can give backup for 24 hours on adding an extra battery in the notebook, the space for which exists in the product.

"There is no other notebook which can give you 24 hours backup," Awasthi said.

The company also launched a workstation at a starting price of Rs 30,000, while the upper range will vary according to the choice of the user.

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