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Cross-Platform Apps for September 2011

HeyStaks (Free): HeyStaks is 'social search' brought to iOS and Android. It is not dissimilar from the approach that Microsoft is taking with Bing and Facebook integration but the HeyStaks community is the one that powers the social aspects of search.

Untappd (Free): Untappd is a way to track what beers you have drank and then rate and share them socially. Have you ever frequented a pub that has a giant beer list and wanted to work your way through it? There is a bar here in Boston called the Bukowski's that is know for its beer and has a 'Dead Authors Club' where you drink 133 beers in 180 days to join the club. Untappd could be a great way to keep track of your progress and share it with your friends.

Puffle Launch ($0.99): Some of our favorite people at ReadWriteWeb recently have been game developers. Puffle Launch is brought to users from Disney, so it is not exactly your classic indie studio type of game, but it is still very cool. So, basically this weird red blog wants these little golden rings and will stop at nothing to get them. The graphics are reminiscent of Super Nintendo and the game play is a mix between pinball and Super Mario. When it comes to cool games, Puffle Launch is probably the September Pick of the Month.

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