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Happy Parents Day

Celebrated on 4th Sunday of every July, parent’s day is a wonderful opportunity to shower our unconditional love to our parents. Thanks to the approach of a parent’s day, we today have this privilege to appreciate the insurmountable contributions made by our parents in nurturing and bringing us up. Their devotion and their sacrifices cannot be repaid in any way but, by dedicating a day to them we get this great chance of showering our love and affection. The day we step into this earth, we are embraced in their arms, cared and loved. Their support and encouragement is what gives us immense strength to take the first step be it in any field.

It is they who guide us all through, gives us the courage to meet the various obstacles of life, gives us the inspiration to aim for the sky, helps us in achieving our goals etc. It is the most valuable gifts that a child gets from their parents and this needs to be recognized, acknowledge and treasured. What better day to do so than on Parent’s Day 2011?

Parent’s Day History:
The concept of dedicating a day to parents was adopted by the US President Bill Clinton in the year 1994. It was he who first took the initiative of proposing a day to honor the contributions made by the parents in raising their child. A law resolution was signed and the 4th of July was decided as a day for recognizing the role of parents in bringing up their children. This was readily adopted by all and today the 4th Sunday of every July is observed all over the world as Parent’s Day.

Parent’s Day Celebration 2011:
This year 2011, 4th Sunday of July falls on the 25th of July. It is a great opportunity to thank your parents for all the beautiful moments and relationships that they have shared with you. They are the two most important people in you life so make the most of this opportunity to communicate your love and affection for them. The day can be celebrated in many ways and you need not necessarily have to buy expensive gifts for this. A small token of your affection for them is enough to show and communicate your love, concern and affection. Get them a unique gift that will express your innermost feelings without any words. After all action speaks louder than words and hence, nothing can best convey your thoughts than a small gift.

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