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Now Access Nokia Maps From Android And iOS Devices

Nokia once used to be a dominant player in terms of cellphones in global markets. However, those days aren't upon the company going through a seemingly unrecoverable crisis today. After the company's announcement to tie up with Microsoft to manufacture WP7 phones under its belt, things started to seem much better. That being said, the company is still incurring losses which isn't a good sign. However, if there is one thing that has been working for the Finnish mobile maker, it has to be the it's Maps Service.

Nokia Maps has considerably raised the stakes and it's quite hard to match the standards set by Nokia in that regard. Now, Nokia is spreading the Maps service across top mobile platforms with the company announcing the compatibility of Nokia Maps on the iOS and Android platform with location support on both platforms. To access the Nokia Maps service, users of the above two mobile platforms will have to head over to the default HTML5 enabled browsers and type in the address bar and access the service. Though, the HTML5 version launched in April is currently in Beta, do not expect anything less from Nokia Maps.

The best part of this service is that this doesn't require a snappy Wi-Fi or 3G connection; a regular GPRS connection will suffice. iOS and Android users can certainly benefit from this HTML5 version of Nokia Maps as have millions of Nokia users across the world. It would have been a touch better though if Nokia rolled out a dedicated app for all the platforms. It has also been reported that Nokia will roll out many apps like these for the WP7 platform (accessible for all WP7 devices), which should be very interesting as well.

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