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5 Killer New Features of iOS5

On june 21st of the last year,Apple announced the much awaited iOS 4,with features like folders for all your applications, multitasking, and game center ,just to name a few. With it’s plethora of applications and promising new feature ,Apple proclaimed iOS 4 as “The world’s most advanced mobile operating system”.
And here we stand today, again , waiting for iOS 5, releasing this fall , which if apple is to be believed ,is a whole new level for iOS. We are going to tell you about all the new features and upgrades of this amazing operating system. Here are the top 5 features of iOS 5 which you’ll be experiencing in the coming days:

1. Notification Center: All the alerts,all in one place. How does this sound? New email, texts, friend requests and more. With Notification Centre, you can keep track of them all by just swiping down from the top of your screen. It also brings all the information on your lock screen . Notification centre is a very useful and practical upgrade to the iOS.

2. iMessage: As an apple fan ,I never liked blackberry but always loved the BBM service and always wondered ,why doesn’t apple introduce one such service to make one of the best device on the market even better, and finally with iOS 5 we have “iMessage”.It is built into the messages app,and you can send text,photos,videos,locations and contacts to other iOS 5 users.You can even track your messages with delivery receipts and optional read receipts .

3. NewsStand: This new feature organizes all your magazine and newspaper subscriptions in one place.A folder really which makes the access to your favorite publications quick and easy.

4. Reminders: With this new feature, you don’t really need any application to remind you of an errand or any deadline.Apple sees to it that you do what’s necessary and don’t miss out on anything.
The reminders can be location based ,so as soon as you reach your college or workplace or wherever you go,it will remind you of something which you had to do.

5. Other Useful Features: With many other features such as an integrated twitter application, editing photos ,accessing the camera application from the lock screen itself ,improved safari for a better browsing experience and hundreds of other minor tweaks and upgrades makes the iOS 5 one of the most anticipated operating systems ever.

Now its for the users to decide whether it’s the best operating system ever or just an average upgrade which was necessary in order to keep up with the competition from android.

For all those developers out there,beta version of the iOS 5 is available as of now but let me say again,only for the Developers.

So these are the top features of iOS 5. The OS is already released for developers. For general public, it will be releasing around September.

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