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Artificial Leaf to Generate Energy Naturally

Our lessons in science have always mentioned the importance of green pigment in leaf. The process of photosynthesis and its very importance in our existence cannot be belittled.

However, the laws of biology and chemistry would have to be re-worked if you were to step inside the MIT laboratory. Here, Dr. Daniela Nocera and his team have created what they call an ‘artificial leaf’. If you’re among the ones to laugh off this creation, and perhaps, pass it off as a cheap gimmick, then you should give this a keen eye.

Nocera’s version of a leaf is a practical, working mechanic made up of nickel and cobalt. Termed as ‘biomimicry’, this leaf does all that a leaf would otherwise do. The synthetic silicon device separates the hydrogen and oxygen by using the same source of energy, Sun. If the claims of Nocera hold true, then a single leaf placed in a gallon of water could potentially generate electricity enough to light a house.

This invention is a simple example of how ‘biomimicry’ i.e. the science of combining biology and design to perform activities the way nature would.

This invention has brought out a novel, clean way of energy generation. Today, several green labs dot regions of the world wherein scientists try to solve man-made complexities using nature’s tricks.

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