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What's New in Flash Builder 4.5 "Burrito"?

Flash Builder 4.5 is aimed at making mobile application development just another simple step in the process of building a desktop or web app in Flex. The upcoming release, codenamed "Burrito," is going to add a new project type for mobile applications—making mobile development a trivial transition for your average Flex/ActionScript developer. The new Builder will be able to emulate the hardware and software of numerous mobile platforms in an ecosystem that is still constantly growing. You can even do speedy debugging with a variety of actual mobile devices to see how an app works on the real-world hardware. Other new features in 4.5 include metadata code completion, quick assist and quick fix support, and other productivity utilities.

Andrew Shorten is the group project manager for developer tools at Adobe. Flash Builder 4.5 will be released in 2011. However, you can download the developer preview right now!

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  1. Andrew,

    Using the new Burrito IDE with Hero SDK, Max Preview version. Finding that, apparently by default, there is an armeabi-v7a request made in the Manifest.MF file as packaged by the builder. This will ultimately have the effect, i believe, of requesting a Native Platform restriction, will it not? The file included in the APK is called, and I can't find any data on what or why it is included. Can you advise?



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