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MNP Facts

  • So far, MNP is only for porting of mobile numbers within the same circle. Porting of landline numbers is not possible
  • To exercise MNP, the user will have to obtain a Unique Porting Code (UPC) by sending an SMS - PORT [mobile number] to 1900. An 8 digit UPC will be sent via SMS to the subscriber by the DONOR operator i.e. the existing operator. This code, along with filled forms and valid identity proof documents, need to be submitted to the new operator.
  • User will receive an SMS from the new operator when the porting starts. The number may remain inactive for 2-3 hours.
  • On availing MNP facility, the balance amount in a prepaid number would not get carried forward to the new operator.
  • After porting, if the mobile number remains disconnected for 90 days, it will be reversed back to the original operator.
  • Under MNP, RNO = Recipient Network Operator or the Operator which has gained the ported number. DNO = Donor Network Operator or the Operator which has lost the ported number.
  • While porting your number, you also need to change your SIM. Apart from number retention, everything is the same as getting a new connection.
  • Post-paid subscribers, who wish to avail MNP, need to clear their billing dues before applying for number porting. Failing this, the porting request may be rejected.
  • You can port a number from CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) phones or GSM to CDMA.
  • With MNP, the process of transferring a mobile number from one operator to another would involve a temporary break in service when the number is detached from one provider and added to another. As per TRAI, this period should not be more than two hours.

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