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Popular Tools To Measure Your Influence on Twitter

Are you a popular person on Twitter? What’s the grade of you social influence? Here is a list of tools to measure it.

Social influence can be considered as the measure of your reputation across the web and can be calculated through the analysis of several factors such as the authority of your network of contact, your online activity, exposure and visibility of you (or your brand), number of subscribers to your RSS feeds and so on.

In particular, if you are a Twitter user and you want to know what’s your influence on Twitter many tools exist that give you an estimate of that. I must admit I am quite skeptical about the result of analysis that this kind of tools generate but in any case they provide an approximated value of your social “rank” that give you an idea of your influence grade.

Klout is probably one of the most popular services to measure your overall online influence based on the activity of your Twitter profile. For each profile, Klout generates a score range from 0 to 100 (with higher scores representing a wider sphere of influence) and detailed summary reports about your authority, engaged audience, most popular shared links, top retweets and so on.

Grader is another popular service that allows you to analyze and measure your influence and authority over a selection of social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Foursquare. A really interesting tool provided by Grader is Alerts.Grader that allows you to analyze and filter your emails from Google Alerts, Twitter and Linkedin so that, for example, you can know when an important person on Twitter is following you or which alerts received by Google are really important.

Other interesting services I suggest you to try are Twitalyzer, GraphEdge, Tweetmetrics and Twinfluence.

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