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Windows Phone 7 Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately, Windows Phone 7 platform sales are anemic to say the least. According to carrier reports, Microsoft has sold only around 40,000 devices in the first day of availabilty, in contrast with Apple's iPhone 4, which had 600,000 first-day preorders.

However, no matter how slow the sales go Windows Phone 7 remains one of the major mobile platforms available on the market.

Detailed below are several tips that might convince WM7 phone “wannabe” users that this is a user-friendly platform that offers a totally different experience than Android, iOS or Blackberry.

Sending a webpage to a friend can be easily done by clicking on the menu key and choosing the Share page. You will then be able to choose how you want to share the page: Messaging, Hotmail, Google Mail or through any other email account that was previously set.

While entering a weblink in the address bar, you can click on the .com button on the on-screen keyboard, but if you want to visit a, .org or .edu website you can press and hold the .com button until you get these options.

To search for something within an application, simply click on the phone’s Search button (magnifying glass) once or press it twice to start searching on the Internet with Bing.

Another interesting feature that comes with the Windows Phone 7 platform enables users to get international dialing help when they're traveling. Go into Settings, Applications, Phone and enable International assist. This will automatically correct the numbers you dial internationally or when you want to dial abroad.

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