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Firefox Launches F1 Social Add-On

Firefox Launches F1 Social Add-On

Mozilla has introduced a Firefox add-on that lets you share links directly out of your browser, rather than having to click through the usual jumble of "share this" buttons.

Mozilla Labs F1, the brainchild of Mozilla's Messaging Group, is an extension that embeds a small 'F1' icon onto your toolbar. Clicking on the icon pulls up three more buttons for you to share links: on Facebook, Twitter, or to your Gmail contacts.

Besides simplifying the process of sharing links with others, Mozilla claims the F1 tool is safer, too.

"[When] you use a sharing service, you often don't know who has access to what data, and what they'll use it for," the company wrote in a blog post.

F1 may be Mozilla's first step in turning its Social Agent experiment, a 2009 series of conceptualized social browsers, into reality.
Yesterday Mozilla released Firefox 4 Beta 7, a version with significant JavaScript improvements, more support for accelerated graphics, and 3D capability.

The extension is available now via Mozilla Messaging's Web site.

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