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How to Uninstall the Internet Explorer 9 Beta

I liked a lot of what I saw in the Internet Explorer 9 beta, to the point where I suspect I'll end up using it more often than I did Internet Explorer 8.

However, the beta was exactly that, and I found that some of my favorite sites wouldn't display properly. So I decided that until IE9 is final, I'm giving it the heave-ho.

If you want to do likewise (and get IE8 back in the process), do this:
  1. Open the Windows Control Panel, and then click Uninstall a program.
  2. In the lefthand panel, click View installed updates.
  3. Wait a moment for the list to populate. When it's done, scroll down to the Microsoft Windows section.
  4. Click Internet Explorer 9, and then click Uninstall.
  5. Tell Windows yes, you're sure, then wait a few minutes for the uninstall to finish.
  6. Reboot your system and presto: buh-bye IE9, welcome back IE8!
While we're on the subject, what did you think of the IE9 beta? Good stuff from Microsoft, or just playing catch-up with other browsers?

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