Indian Startup Launches Epic Web Browser

An Indian startup company Hidden Reflex has launched first ever web browser from India. Epic has been stuffed with many features and applications. It has something which we have never heard of before, an integrated antivirus protection in a browser. The built in antivirus and antispyware is powered by ESET. The browser has a sidebar with lot of widgets already installed such as skins, maps, jobs, news, gmail, yahoo, games and many more. Epic claims to have around 1500 free applications which can be added in the browser.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Orkut are also included in the sidebar. You can log in to your account and on the same time continue working on other things. There are many utility functions in the Epic Browser which I liked. It has a free word processor, a to do tool, snippet app, timer and most importantly it allows you to access your files and folder from the browser itself. It also has an application called Indic which allows you to type in many Indian languages. Hidden Reflex claims that the browser supports 12 Indian languages currently. The browser also allows you to watch videos from YouTube in a small window, so that you can browse other websites while watching videos.

Epic Web Browser is build on Mozilla Firefox and is customized for the taste of Indian users. We liked the look, feel and speed of the browser and is definitely worth trying. Get the browser here.
Indian Startup Launches Epic Web Browser Indian Startup Launches Epic Web Browser Reviewed by Kiran Kumar on 1:11 PM Rating: 5
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