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Make Sense of Your Paypal Transactions

Whole lot of businesses rely on Paypal for their survival [check out these 1000+ comments on the recent Paypal issue with Indian banks] and its quite imperative that one needs a better understanding of sales/performance and a simpler CRM tool to unleash the business behind one’s paypal transactions.

AnalyzePal, a product from Produle Systems [we covered the launch of their earlier products like MockFlow and Produle] is a BI product for all your Paypal data. AnalyzePal provides free analytics & reporting package for your PayPal’s data.

AnalyzePal has been designed keeping in mind small businesses who rely heavily on Paypal – the product has useful features like sharing analytics with other users, CRM/Contact Manager & Performance Meter etc.

In order to get the product working, you need to import the downloaded transaction history in CSV format from your PayPal account. Once you import the data, you can visualize the business growth in terms of sales, customer etc – the product works for non-verified accounts also.

If you are a heavy user of Paypal, do give AnalyzePal a spin and share your opinion.

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