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Make your travel safe, convenient, smart and fun.

Your travel in India will never be the same again. After 15 years of mapping India, MapmyIndia brings to you the future of navigation. MapmyIndia maps drive over 500 enterprises and millions of consumers. Now, with the new, award-winning MapmyIndia Navigator, they can drive you as well.

The MapmyIndia Navigator will make your travel:

Safe This GPS gadget uses satellites to determine your current location, so you always know where you are and where you are headed. No need to roll down your window, and ask strangers for directions.

Convenient Search for your destination across India, by address (city, town, village, locality, sub-locality, street) or by point of interest (category or name). The MapmyIndia Navigator will guide you, turn by turn, talking to you and giving instructions on the map.

Smart With lakhs of points of interest loaded such as restaurants, ATMs, petrol pumps, hospitals etc., the MapmyIndia Navigator helps you find any place you are looking for, and discover new ones too.

Fun And if all that was not enough, you can even load and play movies, music and photos on your MapmyIndia Navigator's large and bright touch screen as well.

The award-winning MapmyIndia Navigator personal in-car GPS navigation device is your ideal travel companion. So what are you waiting for, get the MapmyIndia Navigator for your car today!

The following models of MapmyIndia Navigator are available: