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Very Funny Answers from Chiranjeevi

1. Mr. Chiranjeevi, what is your opinion on the polls and the results?
Ans: House pasting no festival...

2. How do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Ans: In front of Crocodiles festival...

3. What is your opinion on the allegations levelled against your brother-in-law Mr. Allu Aravind?
Ans: House thief, even Lord Esvara can not catch

4. How do you feel about the 18 seats your party won in the elections?
Ans: What ever you get is the dowry for dead persons marriage

5. What do you have to say about not winning even a single parliament seat?
Ans: All for our good..

6. Are you planning to go and act in movies?
Ans: Wants to, but you see flower selling place, no wood selling..

7. How do you explain your criticism against TDP when in fact you both are fighting the ruling party?
Ans: I am guruvinda...

8: Means?
Ans: Guruvinda doesn't see the black on the back. Same like me..

9. What motivated you to plunge into politics?
Ans: Brothers and brother-in-laws interest

10. How do you feel now about entering politics?
Ans: Enki's marriage, subbi's death anniversary.

11. Do you think the 17 MLAs won on your party nomination will stick with you?
Ans: Born daughter after 18 years, jump jilani. 18 MLAs after one year jump jilani

12. But that 18 includes you. Do you mean to say...
Ans: When movie flop jump to America. Now Jump to Assam..

13. Then what about party cadre?
Ans: What cadre?